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my name is andrea liao and i'm a new ceramic artist based in toronto, canada.

my main practice has been wheel-throwing with a primary focus on creating tableware, contemporary home decor and custom petware designs for my beloved cats (june & casper).

check out my instagram for more in-depth logs of my student experience and personal practice with clay.


from the artist

What I love most about ceramics as a medium is that it starts out as a "feeling" based art. When I'm on the wheel, my breath aligns with the rise and fall of the clay, and my thoughts melt into it. The clay in my hands, the wheel spinning—it is meditative, a moment of serenity.

My pieces mirror the musings of my mind. I find my artistic expression deeply influenced by the awe-inspiring creations of modern-day artists. I appreciate styles that play with color, texture, and clean simplicity. My work externalizes the emotions and thoughts that pulse within me. Each piece is a tangible expression of my inner world, a vessel through which I pour out the present atmosphere of my mind. It's a journey of unburdening, a way to make the intangible solid, and a means to offer a piece of myself for the world to connect with and appreciate. 


about the artist

Andrea Liao [pronounced "lyao"], a Canadian ceramic artist, draws from her diverse Hakka-Chinese upbringing in India, which ignited a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and languages. Her eye for beauty and natural hands-on talent led to her exploring an array of creative mediums: from sewing and embroidery to jewelry-making, glasswork, gouache/watercolor painting, and ceramics.

In Spring 2022, Andrea began to immerse herself in the tactile art of pottery-making through seasonal classes at the Gardiner Museum. She then continued to refine her skills at the Creative Clay Studio until Fall 2023, when she attended the ceramics certificate program at the Haliburton School of Art + Design. This experience honed her proficiency in wheel-throwing and kickstarted her deeper exploration of glaze chemistry. Since then, she has continued to explore her style at her own studio with Akin Collective in Toronto.

With unwavering dedication to her craft, Andrea Liao continues her journey, seeking to refine her craftsmanship and unearth new dimensions in her ceramic artistry. She aims to participate in local markets and residencies in the upcoming years and hopes to earn a place in the artisan community as a promising new artist.


curriculum vitae


Ceramics, Fleming College, Haliburton School of Art + Design, 2023 

Executive Office Administration, Seneca College, 2015 

Student Exchange Program, Hanyang University, 2013-2014

East Asian Studies, Hons. BA., York University, 2014 

Professional Affiliations

Member, Toronto Potters, 2023 

Studio Member, Creative Clay Studio, Spring & Summer, 2023 

Student Member (Hand-building, Intro & Intermediate Wheel-throwing,Stoneware), Gardiner Museum, 2022-2023 


Fluent in English and Hindi

Limited proficiency in Hakka-Chinese,Japanese, and Korean

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